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What is it?

"Thank you for this
piece of art!

This is just fantastic
and so helpful. "

Rose-Marie Repond
Prof. HES | Bern University of applied sciences


" I would like to congratulate you on your website. It's fantastic!!!
One of the best on the internet. "

Scott Sheffield


" After struggling for weeks to get to grips with anatomy and phisiology for a gym instructor theory exam, I found the Muscle & Motion website and at last it all made sense.

I'd been saying to friends
" I wish there was a website which showed all the muscles working", and when I found M&M it was a godsend... "

Ruth Frost, London, UK


" I am very excited to begin using this software, It has really opened my eyes to the many ways in which I can use this truly innovative software.

It really is a fantastic accomplishment.

Robert J. Nelson
South University
What is Muscle & Motion Anatomy?

Muscle & Motion Anatomy is an online software tool for anatomy students and instructors that makes musculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology easier to learn, understand and remember. 3D videos show the muscles in motion. By showing the muscles in motion, this visual has been proven to help the brain process the information in a way that makes it easier to remember.


Students: Do you find it difficult to learn and understand the muscles and their movements from pictures and textbooks? If so, this tool is for you. Muscles & Motion Anatomy has videos for each of the muscles and provides 3D movement showing how each muscle moves. Muscle & Motion Anatomy is guaranteed to increase your understanding and grades.


Instructors: Muscle & Motion Anatomy shows the movements of the muscles like never before. It is an excellent tool for teachers that want their students to understand and remember anatomy and kinesiology. Feedback from instructors around the world shows this is a proven way to teach the material in a manner that students remember. Help your students excel with Muscles & Motion Anatomy.


Muscle & Motion Anatomy includes:

• 2000+ unique videos of the muscles and their movements

• 3D anatomy of the muscular system as never seen before

• 3D anatomy of the skeletal system

• 3D kinesiology (flexion, extension... and all active muscles in motion)

• 3D heart and nervous system

• Energy mechanisms (exercise physiology)


Muscle & Motion Anatomy is a subscription to online software.

Muscle and Motion Free Download Muscle and Motion Free Download





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* Click here to see a complete list of all the muscles in our software.


A partial list of Universities using Muscle and Motion:
- Penn State University
- Arizona State University
- Washington State University
- University of North Carolina - Greensboro (UNCG)
- Mississippi University for Women
- Indiana University
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