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Free Version
What is it?
" I love it ! It suits my needs for demonstration of muscle action (which is what I use it for primarily).

The interactivity and animation, plus the simplicity of the diagrams of your program help for both review and for the new learner. Thanks! "

Nijah Chinn PT, MHA
School of Health Science


I am happy to recommend this program to my students as I do like the program.

Randwick TAFE College | Sydney Institute
To download a Free Version now, please complete the following form. After filling out the information below, you will be given a free download link for the trial version of Muscle and Motion.
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Free Version - Table of Contents:
  • Muscular anatomy: Pectoralis major, Triceps brachii, Serratus anterior,
    Deltoid, Brachialis, Latissimus dorsi, Teres major, Abdominal muscles.
  • Skeletal system: Pelvis, Femur.
  • Kinesiology: Movements or the shoulder joint. Include all the muscles
    perform each movement.
  • The heart & Nervous system: The circulatory system (animation)
  • The nervous system: Motor unit. (animation)
And more..
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